Dec 18, 2014
Orlando, FL
The Space w/ Concord America
Dec 19, 2014
St. Petersburg, FL
TBA w/ Concord America
Dec 20, 2014
Sarasota, FL
CocknBull w/ Concord America

Tour History

Dec 17, 2014
St. Augustine, FL
Shanghai Nobby's w/ Concord America
Dec 16, 2014
Jacksonville, FL
Deep Search Records w/ Concord America
Dec 15, 2014
Charleston, SC
Royal American w/ Concord America
Dec 14, 2014
Athens, GA
Loud Baby House w/ Concord America
Dec 13, 2014
Atlanta, GA
97 Estoria w/ Concord America
Dec 11, 2014
Nashville, TN
Elberta House w/ Concord America
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Don't miss brother bands Gunther Doug and Concord America heat up the evening at the infamous house show venue The Elberta House. The bands are joining together in Nashville, TN before they embark on a 10 date jaunt heading south through Florida this ...

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Gunther Doug

Nov 16, 2014 | Posted by: MH Media


Gunther Doug likes to take their listeners into the grit, evoking that unmistakable feeling of being squarely in front of the speaker as it is screaming eccentric melodies interlaced with throbbing bass lines and pounding drums. The ...

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via No Country From New Nashville

"Gunther Doug, one of Nashville’s finest new acts. The three piece would be described best as vigorous. Their sound is a mashup of grooving bass lines, punchy ...

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via Austin Town Hall

"Have you had enough interviews yet!?  I will assume the answer to that question is no and offer up yet another interview to preview the upcoming SXSW festival just a few short ...

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Get two free Gunther Doug tracks via Brite Revolution here.

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